About us

What is Shortly all about?
Shortly is all about returning short films to their former glory. We thought it was a crying shame that short films were so hard to find and difficult to access, and even harder for filmmakers to earn money from, so we decided to do something about it. Our subscription video-on-demand platform and community is a place for filmmakers to break free from the constraints of an industry constrained by Hollywoodesque conformity and share their art with lovers of short films and storytelling.

How does it work?
Filmmakers upload their films onto the platform. Shortly pays filmmakers a royalty fee each time their film is viewed. Sounds awesome, right? Finally a way to find and watch quality short films AND make sure the makers of those films are fairly compensated so they can keep making amazing content!

What's in it for filmmakers?

  • A price-worthy alternative to the festival circuit
  • A self-contained showcase that is easy to find, search and watch
  • An alternative revenue stream
  • Brand-building & promotion
  • Constant exposure to new audiences
  • A community for sharing thoughts, ideas and support

What's in it for film watchers?

  • No more trawling through generic video platforms
  • Watch on any device
  • Choose content according to how much time you have
  • Easily sort films that interest you, regardless of genre, style, director or subject
  • Rate films so you can inform and inspire others
  • Be constantly inspired by new content from the best, the brightest, the newest, the bravest

How did short films lose their way?

The very first films were technically short films, and once upon a time short were shown before feature films in cinemas around the world. What went wrong? Many things happened including big money, protectionism, and Hollywoodification of the creative process. But despite all the challenges thrown at short-film makers, they're still out there creating amazing stuff. They're learning, testing, and pushing the boundaries. They're daring to challenge us and loving to entertain. Unfortunately they are usually doing it with tiny budgets, with little chance to earn a living from their craft. 

We believe the first format of film needs to be brought in from the fringes, shared, loved and nurtured. And those who give their all to make short films, to tell us stories unhindered by the conforms of big-studio homogeny, deserve the chance to earn a living from their art. Shortly challenges Hollywood’s creative shortcomings, the conventions of the existing short film scene, and the elitism of those who oppose art for everyone.

Shortly is here to harness technology to unite people, entertain, and enable a model for profitability. Art, storytelling and technology go hand in hand, and Shortly believes in an open-access platform free from artistic, political and stylistic judgment. We are not the film police, we are the film rebels.

Who runs Shortly?
We're a gang of rabble-rousers based in Stockholm, Sweden, with Chief Rebel Eva Thunell leading the way. Eva thought up Shortly when she was asked to produce a short film. ”I was looking for a Netflix for short film - a single platform where I could access a wide range of short films and find the exact content I was looking for,” says Eva. ”I couldn’t find one. I thought there had to be a better alternative to googling or trawling through generic video platforms - why wasn’t everything in one place and easy to find?” And that, friends, is how Shortly was born!